My pricing is flexible and tailored individually – therefore it’s not so easy to give a simple price-list – so this is just the gist….

Firstly….I do not charge a highly-paid client the same as a client on low-income so please do not take the figures below as set in stone.

I prefer – and tend not to work on a typical hour by hour session basis as that format doesn’t lend itself too well to the way that I work – but if you insist then there is an option detailed below.

A whole day together…..£650  (For example 10am – 1pm then 3:00pm – 5:30pm)

A package spread over one month – For example, 1 whole day as above followed by three half days and a follow uninetyminutete online call £1,200

A package that we can work out spread over two months – (an example, two full days, four half days, one follow up online call) £2000

A three day ‘intensive’ consecutive days. Basic cost £1,700 – other costs depending upon location of the intensive

If you really do prefer to work within the typical framework of 60-90 minutes each week/fortnight then I do offer this format but only as a group of calls – not as a one-off.

3 x ninety-minute sessions £400


There are many who can’t afford the fees above….if that’s you….please don’t run…email me and we can discuss the matter further. 

I’d like to help everyone – but of course, I can’t operate as a charity – so it’s swings and roundabouts in the fees department. I do see clients free of charge but I have to limit those sessions to one day per week and unfortunately, there is a waiting list for these appointments – but if that is what you’re looking for please email.