This page is my referrals prices page.

You should have landed here as a referral from one of my friends, colleagues or via a client of mine..

Please, if you email me, let me know the name of the person who referred you and mention that you are inquiring via the referral page.

(Below is my standard pricing page – except the prices have been reduced by 30-50%. To be clear – the price below are the reduced prices)

My pricing is flexible and tailored individually – therefore it’s not so easy to give a simple price-list – so this is just the gist….

Firstly….I do not charge a highly-paid client the same as a client on low-income so please do not take the figures below as set in stone.

I prefer – and tend not to work on a typical hour by hour session basis as that format doesn’t lend itself too well to the way that I work – but if you insist then there is an option detailed below.


A whole day together…..£350  (For example 10am – 1pm then 3:00pm – 5:00pm)

A package spread over one month – For example, 1 whole day as above followed by three half days £800

A package that we can work out spread over three months – £1,500

If you really do prefer to work within the typical framework of 60-90 minutes each week/fortnight then….

3 x ninety-minute sessions £275

I do not do one-off single sessions as that’s never enough for me to work to a standard that I find acceptable. Sometimes I may run a one-off session as part of a charity session, for example, as with my LGBT Wellbeing sessions.

There are many who can’t afford the fees above….if that’s you….please don’t run…email me and we can discuss the matter further. 

I’d like to help everyone – but of course, I can’t operate as a charity – so it’s swings and roundabouts in the fees department. I do see clients free of charge but I have to limit those sessions to one day per week and unfortunately, there is a waiting list for these appointments – but if that is what you’re looking for please email.